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Friday, August 28, 2009

Guardian Angels

One week into my first summer sales experience I sprained my ankle. Three days later I tried crutches. One week later I was making no money and hobbling around in pain all day. All positive thinking and pick me ups had failed. Even calling my Mom did not work as it usually does.

On the day it all came crashing down and I found myself slumped against a concrete wall head hanging. My ankle was throbbing, I couldn’t walk and couldn’t sell. My hopes of financial freedom had been taken from me. It seemed like I sat for hours. As the sun sank, my spirits already at an all-time low, did as well. The faint glow of the half-broken street light was all that kept me from sinking back into the evening shadows. I felt numb, empty, I couldn’t even dredge up the emotion to feel sorry for myself. I composed a silent prayer and tossed it aloft pleading for some kind of deliverance.

In this woeful state a man approached me. I had seen him earlier standing in his open garage shirt off cigarette dangling precariously from his lip. He seemed almost embarrassed as he spoke, telling me in a few short words of his own sales experience years earlier. Then he handed me a sandwich and a bag of chips and walked away.

In that moment my body couldn’t decide what emotion it was feeling. Sorrow, joy, comfort and a deep overwhelming sense of gratitude swept through me.

As I bit into the sandwich my tears dotted the sidewalk.

I did not know this man and likely would never see him again, but I silently thanked God for sending one of his angels.


Brent said...

Rob. Writing is a gift and a skill learned from much practice. You have that skill and so often I am the one blessed from your carefully placed words. The way you share your thoughts and express your thanks inspires me to do the same. Thank you. Keep this blog going. Or just post on your other one a lot. Either way, I think we all could use more of your writing.

Brent said...
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